Toddler Rooms

Within our Toddler rooms, we offer between 40 and 60 places for children from 2 years to 3 Years 11 months. These rooms operate with 1 team member for every 4 children aged 2 -> 3 years and/or 1 team member for every 8 children over 3 years.

The rooms benefits from a large open space for the children to explore and develop in all areas. The free flowing, continuous provision means that the toddlers are encouraged to engage in play that appeals to them with the team supporting each individual child’s learning and development.

The rooms themselves comprises a number of elements:-

Sand and water areas – For the children to experiment with many things including full and empty, tipping and pouring along with learning about wet and dry.

Messy play area – This enables the children to experience a different range of materials to create works of art.

A large quiet area – enabling the children to relax and recuperate themselves.

Role play – This is a large part of the room that we believe, with this age group of children, is most important. Children are given the opportunity to re-enact experiences, develop their imagination and communicating their feelings.

All of the activities that the children have access to are also available in our outdoor play area.

We aim to provide a number of extra curriculum activities as part of your child’s experience with us. These activities will vary due to availability but some of which you will be able to view are Pyjama Drama.

Communication Sheet – Each child will be offered a communication sheet that can go home with them at the end of the day.. This sheet has daily, specific updates about your child’s progression and personal achievement. We welcome you to communicate/feedback for staff.

Internet – We also provide a number of updates online via our website, Eylog and Facebook for the entire nursery. Our website also includes a gallery where you can browse and see photos of your child and a “What’s on this week” section.

Face to Face – Based on parents feedback we have opted for a “Parents and children come to nursery sessions” over a standard “parents evening”. This enables you to spend time observing and taking part in the experiences that takes place in the nursery and gives you opportunity to talk to your child’s key person about your child’s development.

Nursery Screen – In our entrance we have a screen displaying all events and updates that are going on within our nursery.