Terms and Conditions


You – You as the parent/guardian of the child
Child – The child that care is provided for
Staff – an employee of ABI Nurseries Limited
Us/Company –ABI Nurseries Limited T/A The Akhter Early Learning Centre
The Centre – The Akhter Early Learning Centre
FEEE – Government Free Early Education Entitlement

1. All fees are set out in the attached Fee Schedule. You will be charged for each session that is booked. If your child does not attend, you will still be required to pay for that session. This includes but is not limited to Bank and Public Holidays, staff training and any closure of the Centre that is beyond our control.

2. The Centre closes for a week between Christmas and New Year. Session fees will be charged at half the normal rate during this period. Closure dates will change year to year, please consult with a member of staff for confirmation of the Centre’s closure dates. Note; Sessions that fall on Bank or Public holidays during the Christmas closure are charged at full rate.

3. Any changes to the terms and conditions or the fee schedule will be done so with 1 month’s written notice to you.

4. Fees are due on the 1st of every month in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing. Payment can be made via cash, cheque, credit or debit card or bank transfer. Where the 1st is a weekend, payment is due the last working day before. If payment is not received on time, the company may take but is not limited to, the following actions;

· Add a late payment fee to your account. Your invoice will state the current fee rate.
· Suspend your child’s place until the overdue amount is paid in full. Note; you will still be charge for booked sessions during the suspension period.
· Re-arrange your child sessions to avoid meal times, if the overdue amount is for food only.
· Commence legal action to recover the debt. You will be responsible for payment of all legal fees the Company may incur in the recovery of the debt.
· Terminate your contract if any fees are outstanding over 60 days.

5. Any payments returned to us by as unpaid will result in a £20 penalty to you.

6. If your child is taken ill during the day, we will contact you to arrange collection in line with the Communicable Diseases Policy. Please note that your fees for the day will still apply.

7. If you are late to collect your child, a late collection fee will apply for every 15 minutes that you are late. Minutes will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes and payment will be required on the next payment to us or settlement of the account. Please see fee schedule for late collection fee.

8. A deposit of either the equivalent of two weeks private fees or £200 (whichever is the lower amount) is required before your child starts at the Centre. If your fees increase you may be asked to increase your deposit in line with the above. Your deposit will be returned at the end of the contract. The deposit may be deducted from your final months balance.

9. The company reserves the right to withhold the return of your deposit until your balance is at £0.

10. We can terminate the agreement in the following ways:-

· We can write to you giving 2 months’ notice.
· We can terminate immediately should you or any person responsible for your child, become abusive, aggressive or in any way, endanger staff, children or parents.
· If any fees are outstanding over 60 days.

11. You can terminate the agreement, defer the start date or reduce your child’s attendance by giving 1 month’s written notice which we must confirm receipt thereof by return letter/e-mail.

12. Should your child not start, you will be liable for the first month’s fees and the deposit will not be refunded.

13. If your child receives FEEE funding and your child does not attend on headcount day, you will be liable to reimburse the Company (at the applicable FEEE rate) for any funded sessions booked up to and including the headcount day for that term.

14. If for what-ever reason the Company is unable to claim your child’s FEEE funding from the local authority as a result of incorrect or false information you have provided, you will be liable for reimbursing the Company (at the applicable FEEE rate) for any funded sessions booked for that term before it became apparent that the Company was unable to claim funding for your child.

15. If you are claiming 30 hours extended FEEE funding you must notify the Company in writing immediately if you suspect or know that you are no longer eligible to claim 30 hours extended FEEE funding.

16. If you book extra sessions, 48 hours’ notice is required if you wish to cancel. If you fail to do so, the fees will stand.

17. Should your child suffer from any infectious or contagious disease, you must inform us, in writing (or via telephone in an emergency).

18. Please make sure all items brought in by the child are clearly labelled. If required, we will attempt to clean any clothes should they be stained or dirtied. The Company and its staff are not liable for any loss or damage to any items brought in by you or your child.

19. Should your child need administration of prescribed medicines, we will require you to confirm this in writing. We reserve the right to make suitable medical decisions and seek medical assistance should you or the authorised contacts on your registration form be unavailable. We also reserve the right to refuse to administer some medications.

20. Should you employ a member of staff within 1 year of the staff member leaving the Company, you will be liable to pay us the equivalent of 3 months’ salary at the rate they left the company on.

21. Should we feel your child is at risk, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions.

22. The Company and its staff shall not be liable for any losses caused, but not limited to, the closure of the Centre, refusal of entry for the child or any breach of our terms and conditions and/or of its polices. The Company and its staff will not be liable for any charges incurred to you as a result of the above.

23. This contract is valid until the child’s 5th birthday, on this day, the contract will terminate.

24. Force Majeure – Every effort will be made to carry out the contract but its due performance is subject to cancellation by ABI Nurseries Limited or to such variation as we may find necessary as a result of inability to secure labour, materials or supplies or as a result of any act of God, War, Strike, Lockout or other labour dispute, Fire, Flood, Drought, Legislation, or other cause (whether of the foregoing class or not) beyond the Company’s control.

25. The above terms and conditions along with the company policies and procedures form your confirmation of agreement with ABI Nurseries Ltd (trading as The Akhter Early Learning Centre) for providing childcare for your child. By signing below you agree to comply with them and you confirm you have received a copy of these terms and conditions and the company policies.

March 2018