Baby Room

Our baby room can cater for up to 12 babies. We welcome them from birth up to a maximum of 2 years and 8 months, operating the room on a minimum ratio of 3 children to every one team member. The baby room is a free flowing room offering continuous provision and has a number of fantastic facilities that the babies can enjoy:

The main play room is divided into 3 areas that allow the children to be separated into groups to allow activities in line with their age and stage of development.

A sensory room: a relaxing area providing stimulation through a variety of natural resources and equipment.

sensory room 4

A sleep room: providing plentiful cots for the babies to snuggle down and have a sleep at a time that suits their individual routine without disturbance from the activities within the room.

babies play area

Within this room, we also have a separate baby changing facility and baby kitchen enabling us to cater for all children without the need to leave the room. We aim to provide a number of extra curriculum activities as part of your child’s experience with us, with Pyjama Drama tailored to the needs of or youngest children. These activities will vary due to availability but are provided at no additional cost to you.

We strive to provide as much feedback as possible and offer this in a number of ways:-

Communication Book – Each baby will be provided with a communication book that you take home with you to read and if necessary, respond and then return. This book has daily, specific updates about your baby’s day including feeding and sleeping.

Face to Face – A verbal update on your baby’s day is given when you collect your child.

Internet – We also provide a number of updates online via our website, Eylog and Facebook for the entire nursery. Our website also includes a gallery where you can browse and see photos of your child and “What’s on this week” section.

Nursery Screen – In our entrance we have a screen displaying all events and updates that are going on within our nursery.